Using a new service always brings doubts and questions. Please check below frequently asked questions by our customers and their answers. If you have any question and it is not listed below, please send us your query using the Contact Uspage. We will try level best to answer you as early as possible. Please understand that depending on your enquiry; sometimes we might not have an answer immediately. We appreciate your understanding.


※Using the service ( Registration information)

※Delivery/delivery charges

※Payments for the purchases

※Product purchase



※Using the service (Registration information)


Q. How do I register?

A. Getting started using our service has never been difficult. To register, click the Register link from Home page right top menu.

     On the Register page, enter all the required information and click [Register] button.  You will be registered and logged in to the system automatically at the same time!

     You can start using the service. It’s so simple.


Q. I forgot my user ID and/or password.


※If you Forgot the User ID

 User ID is your registered email ID. We send a welcome mail to your email ID when you register with us. Check your email inbox for such mail you would have received at the time of registration.

  If you cannot find/remember your registered email ID then please register new account.

※If you Forgot Password

Go to Login page, Click Forgot Password?link and follow the steps below to reset your password.

  Input your registered Email ID and then click on [Recover] button.

    If input details are correct then you will receive an e-mail on your same registered email address. Follow the link to set a new password.


Q. How do I change my registered information (address, telephone number other details etc.)?

A. You can change your registered information from My Account tab. After logging in, click the My Account tab on top of home page.

     From the left menu select the required link to change the personal information. Save the new changes. New information will be updated.


Q. How do I cancel my user registration?

A. Please send an e-mail to

Requesting cancellation, including your Name, User ID and personal information registered with us such as birth date, address, phone number for verification of actual person

After verification of your e-mail and information provided, your user registration will be cancelled. There will be no mail or intimation sent to customer after deregistration.

Please note that once your user registration is cancelled, you can no longer use our service. Though you can use the same account again. In that case, you have to contact us through Contact Usform and provide the same information stated above to reenable your account.

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※Delivery/delivery charges


Q. To receive free delivery, how much do I need to purchase?

A.  Presently purchases of 7000 yen (including tax) or more have “Free Delivery".  However, if there isat leasta cool packitem (refrigerated/frozen products) in your cart then it will be termed as cool pack order and total purchases must be 10000 yen (including tax) or more to be qualified for "Free Delivery". for prefectures Hokkaido, Aomori,Iwate,Miyagi,Akita,Yamagata,Fukushima,Tokushima,Kagawa,Ehime,Kochi,Fukuoka,Saga,Nagasaki,Kumamoto,oita,Miyazaki,Kagoshima,Okinawa  the limit will be 10000 and 12000 for dry and cool packs respectively. Please note that these limits are subject to change in future.


Q. What are the delivery charges?

A. Please refer to the delivery charges table inShipping Policy for current charges per prefecture. Charges include cash-on-delivery commission and consumption tax.



※Payments for the purchases


Q. How can I pay for my order purchases?

A. Currently we accept only “Cash on Delivery” (COD) payments. Please pay for your purchase directly to the delivery person.

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※Product purchase


Q. How can I purchase a product?

A.Shopping and ordering on our online store is easy. Follow these below simple steps to order products of your choice.

This online store is same just like other online shopping carts, where you search for a product, find it, click the [Add to Cart] button and after you have completed product selection,Click on [Checkout] button and follow the instructions as the online store guides you. And your order will be placed!


Q. Can I order before I register? Or can I order without registration also?

A. Yes! Purchasing should not be a headache but a joyful event for our customers. So you can purchase and order and if you wish you can register before you go for submitting the order.

     Or as a customer, if you just want to have an experience of our service once, you can do so, by ordering as a `Guest`.  Our user interface is so friendly that whichever is your case you will get it easily! Isn`t this cool?


Q. What is a Cart?

A. As the name suggests, your cart holds the products you decide to purchase. The cart shows you name of the products you’ve added to the cart, quantity, cost, and order total.

     You can add, update, and delete items at any time from the cart. 


Q. Can I return a product?

A. In principle, we do not accept return or replacement of any products. However, with the exception in the event that you have received defective product or the delivered product differs from the order description, return or replacement will be accepted. If product is used by the customers even once, or damaged or dirt made by the customers’ handling, we will not exercise the return or replacement.

We advise customers to check the delivery parcel for any damages, torn etc. while receiving from delivery person.


Q. How do I return or replace a product?

A. If the return or replace conditions are met,

     Replacement or refund will be carried out if request is received by the company at immediately on the delivery date itself. We shall not accept any refund or replacement after this mentioned period. For this we request customers to check the ordered items after receiving the delivery immediately.

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